Institute of Hydrochemistry

Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Water Chemistry

Technical University of Munich

Marchioninistr. 17 D-81377 Munich, Germany


Institut für Wasserchemie & Chemische Balneologie (IWC)

Lehrstuhl für Analytische Chemie und Wasserchemie

Technischen Universität München

Marchioninistr. 17, 81377 München


Tel: +49 (0) 89 2180-78232

Fax: +49 (0) 89 2180-78255



How to reach the Institute

By car

Overview map of the  Klinikum Großhadern with the Institute of Hydrochemistry marked in red and both subway-exits of the station "Klinikum Großhadern" (subway line "U6").

By plane

The best way from Munich Airport to Grosshadern is by train (S-Bahn and U-Bahn). Buy a ticket at one of the blue ticket vending machines upstairs of the S-Bahn platforms: either a `Streifenkarte' which costs approx. 12.50 € or a 'Tageskarte', which is valid the whole day. Get your ticket validated (8 stripes of the `Streifenkarte' per person) and go downstairs to the S-Bahn platform. Take the train  'S 8' or  'S 1' and enjoy a ride through the foggy atmosphere of the 'Erdinger Moos' or through the northwestern outskirts of Munich. After about 40 minutes leave the train at the underground station `Marienplatz' in the city center. Please leave the train on the right-hand side, go downstairs to U-Bahn 'U6' and get on a train to 'Klinikum Grosshadern'. The ride to the terminal station will take about 20 minutes.


By Train

At Munich Hauptbahnhof follow the signs to the U-Bahn (White `U' on blue background). Get yourself a ticket from one of the blue ticket machines in the entrance hall of the railway station: either a `Streifenkarte' which costs approx. 10 € or a 'Tageskarte', which is valid for one day. Get your ticket cancelled (2 stripes of the `Streifenkarte' per person), go downstairs to the U-Bahn 'U 1' or 'U 2' and take a train in southern/eastern direction (direction 'Mangfallplatz' or 'Messestadt'). Already at the next station named 'Sendlinger Tor' you change to U-Bahn 'U6' and get on a train to 'Klinikum Grosshadern'. The ride to the terminal station will take about 20 minutes.


At the terminal station of 'U6', 'Klinikum Grosshadern'

Please leave the train and take the eastern exit - that is the direction were your train came from. At the top of the stairs/escalators make a U-turn to the left. At the edge of the glass pyramid you reach a small road. Stay on the pavement and turn right to the north. If you want to enter the main building and reach the secretary's office, please walk about 250 metres straight on, passing our institute on your right. At the junction follow the signs  to the `Institut für Wasserchemie' and turn right. The entrance to the main building (No. 17) is on the right-hand side of a small parking lot, and the secretary's office as well as most other offices are upstairs on the first floor. (If you want to go directly to our conference and seminar room, turn right after only ~20 metres on the small road. The turn left at the first possibility (~30 metres), where you can already see the white building with blue doors and windows.) The institute and the seminar building is located directly behind the Ronald-McDonald building.