Departmental Emergency Freezer

  • Position:  CH 42425 (entry via CH 42409)
  • Declaration: Emergency -80°C Freezer

Rules for usage

  1. This freezer is for emergency usage, ONLY.
  2. Register your items on the front door spread sheet of the freezer (including entry date and expected period of storage).
  3. Any unlabeled items or items not declared will be discarded without any further notice.
  4. One compartment (i.e. 50 %) of the freezer can be booked using the online web interface for up to one week. Booking of the freezer is only intended for exceptional circumstances, e.g.:
    •  Defrosting of your own freezer without alternative storage place. b.
    • For new professors/group leaders, who require -80°C storage until their personal freezer is delivered.

Availability Charts

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