Terms of use

The break and recreation room is located in room CH56103 (5th level, orange part of the building), Lichtenbergstr. 4, 85747 Garching. It is equipped with comfortable seating furniture (including an armchair and a couch), a table and a partition to ensure privacy. Furthermore, drinking water is available in the room.

In entering the break room, the users accept the following terms of use:

1. General

Use of the break room is possible for all employees and students of the department of chemistry. The room has to be booked beforehand. 

Neither a demand on use of the break room nor on a particular endowment of the room exists. Use of the break room happens at one's own risk. The department does not vouch for provided items. Use of the break room is basically free of charge.

The access code will be sent by email subsequent to the booking via the web form. In addition, it is available at the women's representative, Oksana Storcheva.

The break room may not be used by people with infectious diseases, such as rubeola, varicella, tuberculosis, diarrhea etc.

In exceptional cases the room might have to be used by persons in need (e.g. chronically ill department members) on short notice. In this casse, bookings during the same time period lapse.

2. Booking

To book the break room, users have to fill in the web form. Subsequently, a booking confirmation and the access code for the room are sent via email. Users obligate themselves to accept the terms of use and to leave the room behind in proper condition. With the receipt of the access code no demand on use of the room exists. In exceptional cases a booking can be rejected. This happens via email.

3. Treatment of premises, damages and loss, accountability

Users are liable to take care of the premises including furniture and to keep them from damage and loss. The department of chemistry does not take on responsibility for the loss of brought along things. The room has to be left behind in the same state it was in before use. Observed defects have to be reported to frauenbeauftragte@ch.tum.de.

4. Stay in the break room

Users are liable to take care of the premises including furniture. It is not allowed to remove things from the break room. The use of the furniture is only allowed as intended. The use of equipment inside the room lies in each one’s own area of responsibility. The room has to be cleaned up after use and to be left behind clean. In case this does not happen, cleaning can be invoiced. Smoking and the use of fire is prohibited within the break room. Users can be held responsible for defects caused by violation of these rules.

The break room principally is intended for the use by a single person, but upon agreement more than one person may use the room at the same time. During the use of the room, adequate low volume has to be kept. On inquiry of persons in need (e.g. breastfeeding women, chronically ill persons) the room has to be vacated. Overnight stays are not allowed.

Users are obliged to obey orders of the women's representative or other members of the diversity board. On demand, the membership in the department according to 1. has to be proven. Additionally, the booking receipt has to be shown if demanded.

In the nursery, present employees are not obligated to care for children other than their own. It is not allowed to leave children unattended. If present people agree to take care of other people´s children, they vouch for these children. The compulsory control falls to the present parent or caretaker. The department does not vouch for damages that are the result of a violation of the compulsory control. It is not allowed to smoke in the nursery or to handle open fire. Users will be taken into account for damages caused by contravention. Users of the room have to obey instructions of the staff of the office of student affairs and the women´s representative. These decide, whether no more users may use the room because of the capacity of the room. On demand, the affiliation to the group of people under 1. has to be shown credibly.

5. Exclusion from use

In case of a violation of the terms of use the department reserves the enforcement of compensation. In case of continued improper use, further steps will be considered. User who violate the terms of use can be excluded from using the break room.

6. Validity and declaration of the terms of use

The terms of use are declared by notice in the break room, on the webpage of the women's representative and by display in the office of student affairs.