Doctoral Degree Regulations

The following versions of the doctorate regulations are currently pertinent at TUM. The version that applies to you depends usually on the date of entry into the doctorate candidate list.

Registration as doctorate candidate after January 1st, 2014

Official German version of the "Promotionsordnung vom 12. März 2012 mit 2. Änderungssatzung"

Document containing an English translation (only the German version is officially legislated): Download of the doctorate regulations from March 2012 with amendments valid from January 2014

With the validity of the new doctoral regulations the membership in the TUM Graduate School and the fulfillment of the prerequisite anchored in this academic environment is obligatory for every doctorate candidate at the TUM. For doctorate candidates from the Department of Chemistry, this TUM-GS membership is usually achieved by joining the Faculty Gradate Center Chemistry (FGCh).

Besides the FGCh, doctorate candidates in the Department of Chemistry can also join special thematic graduate centers and their programmes  (z.B. IGSSE, Helena, GSISH). In such cases this depends on the research project that is offered to you by the supervisor.

The scale of grades and the regulations for the so called publication-based dissertation has been adapted from the regulations that were set in place in 2012.

Registration as doctoral candidate before January 1st, 2014 and after March 13th 2012

German version of the "Promotionsordnung vom 12. März 2012"

(English translation: not avialable for this version)

The membership in the TUM-GS has been possible on a volontary basis. This could also be acheived by joining the Faculy Graduate Center Chemistry. Since April 1st, 2014, no volontary membership is possible for doctoral candidates for whom this older doctorate regulations apply.

Changes to the promotion process that are introduced with this version of regulations:
a) reduction of the grading scale ("passed with distinction" / "passed" / "failed")
b) definition of the regulations for the publication-based dissertations

Earlier versions of the doctorate regulations can be retrieved online (but in German) from the "Service Guide" (Dienstleistungskompass) of the mytum page.

Doctorate candidates who enrolled there entry on the doctoral candiates list before March 13, 2012, have to obey the regulations from 2001 with all their amendments applied during the years. This regulation includes still a large scale of grades. The membership in the TUM-GS was also possible on a voluntary basis (until March 31st, 2014) and not required for the doctorate degree.