Doctoral candidates list: The process of registration

To register for the doctoral candidates' list, you have to submit the relevant form. This form is created electronically via the internet application DocGS that organizes the mangement of this list centrally for all departments.

To complete the application you need the following additional documents:

  1. printed and signed application form  (pdf format - will be created out of the entered data by the DocGS internet platform)
  2. printed and signed supervision agreement, that you conclude with your supervisor, your mentor, and your desired graduate center.
  3. a certified copy* of the certificate of your diploma or master's degree (no original documents)
  4. a certified copy* of the transcript of records of your diploma or master's degree (no original documents)
  5. a document of identity (ID card, passport, driver's license - either as copy with blackened ID number or as original document

* please refer to the linked document about who can legally certify a copy of a document

Please make an appointment for the submission of your application documents - contact Mrs Götz from the Dean’s Office of the Department of Chemistry (room CH26505, phone: + or 13022, email:

For applicants with a foreign degree, there is the process of nostrification (i.e. the act of "granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university." ) conducted by the TUM office of immatriculation. This process is started automatically after submission of the registration documents to the Dean’s Office. Foreign candidates need to submit additional documents (see below). Unfortunately, the nostrification takes some weeks or even months. Until this process is successfully finalized, you are a preliminary member of the TUM Graduate School and you are allow to attend already the obligatory kick-off seminar. This waiting time is also added to the minimum membership time of two years.

Admission via a German diploma or master's degree (university level)

Graduates of a domestic university who have completed a diploma or master's degree program in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, food chemistry or a comparable scientific degree with a final grade of 2.5 and better and their application has been supported by a professor or group leader of this department, will be admitted without further requirements.

In case of a degree grade of worse than 2.5 some prerequisites might be required. If this candidate has an acceptance by a supervisor, there could be the obligation to publish a paper in a well-known journal and pass up to two master-level exams.

Admission via a German diploma or master's degree (university of applied sciences)

Graduates of a M.Sc. degree programme are admitted via thesame conditions as the graduates of the universities.

Candidates with a diploma should have studied a course programme that is similar to one that is taught at the TUM and be among the top 10% of their class. Usually, the candidate provides a written statement from his or her university that confirmes this issue.

Admission via a foreign graduation degree

If an applicant applies with a foreign university degree in hand, this degree and its grade have to be checked for its validity and equivalence towards the German system. This is done through the Central Office for Foreign Education. For an admission for a doctorate, the converted final grade must be 2.5 or better in the German grade scale. It should be noted that if the equality conditions are not fully met, up to five master-level exams can be given as obligatory prerequisite to overcome this gap.

Please include the following special documents to your application form and the documents mentioned above:

  • official confirmation from your university about all your exams you had during your graduation programme, their results and grades has well as the minimum grade needed for passing an exam - if not written in the document (certified copy)
  • translation of the certificate and the transcript of records written by an accredited translator in case that these documents are not written in German or English
  • summary of the master or diploma thesis in German and English
  • curriculum vitae with all details about the previous education (school, study courses)
  • if applicable: publication list

Enrollment as student

As a doctoral candidate, an enrollment as a student for up to six semesters is possible. This also includes the possibility to buy and use the student's public transport ticket. Please note: Enrollment as a student is not equal to be finally accepted for a doctorate degree. (more informations available)